Website Maintenance


Regular Backups

Schedule and perform regular backups of your entire website, including databases.

Store backups in secure locations, both onsite and offsite/cloud storage.

What we do in website Maintenance
Update Content

Refresh content to keep it relevant.

Update time-sensitive material like event dates, product info, or news articles.

Remove outdated promotions or seasonal content.

Renew Domain & SSL Certificates

Track expiry dates for your domain name and renew it well in advance.

Renew SSL certificates to maintain a secure connection for your users.

Software Updates

Regularly update your website platform/CMS, plugins, and themes.

Patch any known vulnerabilities to prevent security breaches.

SEO Monitoring

Regularly review keywords and optimize content for search engines.

Check for broken links and fix them.

Performance Monitoring

Regularly check website loading times.

Optimize images, utilize caching, and consider using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster load times.